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Indigo Row is a member of several affiliate programs. This means that I may get a commission on sales of products and/or clicks that I link to in my posts. This does not inflate or alter any cost to you. Being a member of affiliate programs allows me to continue to find and locate products to share with you. I will never link to products that I do not like or support. If you're cool with it, so am I.

Product Reviews + Gifted Items:
Gifted products will always be clearly designated by “c/o” (courtesy of) or “gifted” in the product description. Sponsored posts will also be clearly marked. Indigo Row reserves the right to review all products and any product that does fit with the aesthetic of this blog will not be posted. All opinions are always my own.

Unless otherwise specified, all photos and content were created by Indigo Row for the sole purpose of this blog. If you use any image, you must credit and link back to this blog. If I have incorrectly cited or not given proper credit to your work or photo, please email me immediately and I will correct it.

Your personal information including name and email address will not be shared or sold to third parties without your consent.

Thank you so much for reading and always feel free to reach out to me.


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