Pick of the Week: Madewell Silk Blouse

Madewell Silk Blouse
Friends, take note of this pregnancy and non-pregnancy friendly Silk Courier Shirt. I snagged this exact one at the Madewell Charleston store a few weeks ago and it’s quite good. I went up a size because, well, everything is getting bigger, but for the most part, it fits true to size. If you want it really over-sized, size up. The fit is boxy and slouchy which means it’s perfect tucking into jeans (as above) or in my case, wearing with stretchy pants and a vest. It’s currently on sale and might even be less in your local store. It also comes in grey, black, and this cute print—you really can’t go wrong with either. Throw on your favorite jeans, grab a fedora, and now you’re the cool kid on the block.  

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