Home Design

A few months ago, we had Meredith from Georgia Street Design come in and help us finish up our living room and dining room. After moving in over a year ago, we were ready for our home to look polished up and less empty looking. She is the mastermind behind the living room light fixture (my favorite piece), the gallery wall, sitting chair + lamp, gorgeous bookshelf design, and all the pretty accessories. We also had an empty dining room that needed some TLC…

Photos by Ariana Clare

I think the dining room is my favorite. The GSD team was able to find these killer host and dining room chairs that make this room really special for us. We already had the light fixtures and they were able to find a beautiful table, art work, window treatments, rug, and perfect accessories to make it all work together. All I have to do now is cook a meal worthy of eating in this space—working on it. I’d like to say that my home looks like this everyday, but let’s get real. These photos are special because it reminds me how de-cluttered and airy our home can look. Minus a toddler, crumbs, toys, and everything else that life brings with it. We have been really happy living in our now finished space and continue the journey to keep it looking this way. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the design process or simply want more details on the products!

You can reach The Georgia Street Design Team on their website or see their work on Instagram.

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