Linen Jumpsuit

linen jumpsuit

If you read my last post, you know that I’m on the jumpsuit train right now. You guys, this linen jumpsuit from J.Crew is my favorite. It’s roomy in all the good places and so comfortable. I meant to wear a belt that I own for this look, but in true form, I forgot it at home for these photos. I also forgot to wear a cute heeled pair of sandals with it, but guess what? It looks perfectly good with flip flips or my sandals too. This linen jumpsuit runs true to size and the straps are even adjustable which I think helps tremendously for fit purposes. Go try this one on and don’t think twice about grabbing another color. So good.

a blue linen jumpsuit
an outfit that is blue and worn by a girl
a girl with a hat and a blue outfit and a crossbody bag
a linen jumpsuit
a jumpsuit that is linen and made by J.Crew
a J.Crew linen jumpsuit

You can shop my entire look below and if you are looking for other jumpsuit ideas, head over to this post.

Photography by Christina Hussey

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