Top Five Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale

Top Five Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale  - fedora hat for summer

OK, time to freak out. The Nordstrom Sale has now gone public and everyone is going to lose their damn mind. I’m kidding. All in all, I think it’s a pretty good sale this year with more quality items on sale compared to previous years. I linked all my favorite early access sale items in this post, but now it’s open to everyone so get ready. I’m sharing my five favorite items that are still available (they won’t be for long) from the Nordstrom sale. Check them out and let me know what you think. Remember, it’s just a sale so don’t buy anything that you don’t love. Reach out with questions and/or let me know what you bought and loved from the sale.

Top Five Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale

1. Zella Lite High Waist Leggings //

I own a pair of these and I live in them. It’s hot as all hell down here in the south so the “lite” version of their live in legging is my jam. These are super stretchy and I highly recommend. Plus they are $35.

2. Madewell Brenner Boot //

If you need a go-to boot for the fall, this might just be it. The shape is great and this is a wear-with-anything-boot. The stacked heel means it shouldn’t kill your feet. I’d add this one to cart asap. $139.

3. Madewell Anorak Jacket //

I included this in my early access post too because it’s. so. good. The second it hits 65 degrees (at least down here), everyone will be looking for a coat. This is on sale for $111 and so good for layering. Love it.

4. Chantelle Seamless Hipster Undies //

If you haven’t tried these then the time is now. Best. Undies. Ever.

5. Vince Midi Dress //

This list would not be complete without a Vince item. This dress is so classic and cut so well. It’s a forever piece and the price is so good.

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