Top Ten Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale

Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale

Let me start off first by saying that the hype for this sale is insane. If you feel like you need to buy something, you don’t. At the end of the day, it’s just a sale and more stuff isn’t better. Now, if you’re looking for some good stuff to snag for fall or just in general, keep reading.

So here’s my take on this whole thing. This is the best time to save money on really solid investment pieces. It’s also a great time to save money on the things that you already own and love. I don’t have the bandwidth or the time to search every single thing on sale and honestly, it’s not my style. I’ve found ten things that I love from this sale and would definitely buy. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I am buying this underwear, these towels and this bra.

Top Ten Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale

1. Chantelle Stretch Hipster Undies //

These have changed my life. There I said it. I saw these on TIBAL and I haven’t looked back. They do not ride up, they have no VPL and they are so comfy. I will be buying more of these for sure.

2. Sperry Waterproof Boot //

I have a pair of these and love them. My favorite color combo is the grey followed by the tan/navy. These are so versatile and a great buy at $80.

3. Natori Contour Bra //

I have a bunch of these bras and love them. They are marked down big time too. You will have these forever and the nude color is the most versatile. Stock up.

4. Madewell Anorak //

The shape of this jacket is so good for layering. As soon as fall rolls around, everyone will be hunting for an anorak jacket so scoop this one up.

5. Waterproof Suede Bootie //

These are so cute, under $100 and waterproof. For sure worth a try-on if you are looking for a good fall boot.

6. Vince Open Cardigan //

Such a good investment piece. This is a have-forever-sweater and you can wear it with everything and anything.

7. Madewell Blanket Scarf //

You better believe the blanket scarf will be all the rage this fall/winter just like it is every. single. year. I love the color combination on this scarf and the price is so good at $42.

8. Clare V. Suede Tote //

This will 100% sell out if it hasn’t already. This tote is beautiful and like anything Clare V, it will last a lifetime and look beautiful while doing it. Such a good buy.

9. Hydrocotton Bath Towel //

Yup, I linked a bath towel. I’m for sure buying these. The reviews are insane and the price it too good on this one. We need some new towels and these come in a million different colors and who doesn’t love new bath towels? No one I know.

10. Topshop Oversized Sweater //

I really like the shape of this sweater. Since a lot of denim right now is high waisted, I like that it has a split hem and the price can’t be beat at $44.

You can shop my top ten right below and I’ll also be back when the sale opens up to the public on July 19th with a new top ten.

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