Minimal Makeup Routine for Moms

minimal makeup routine for moms

I am by no means a minimalist over here. If you have seen the amount of toys that have accumulated throughout my house, you would agree with the above statement. However, I prefer a minimalist approach to getting dressed and putting on makeup. In fact, I have never been a big makeup wearer. I do not wear foundation and the only time I have worn it was on my wedding day. After having two kids and now being closer to 40 than 30, I started feeling like I needed to re-vamp my makeup routine.

Makeup is something that I have zero clues about. When I say zero clues, I mean that I still have had eye liner from college in my makeup bag (is it even called a makeup bag still? ).

My girlfriend Maggie and I were joking about all the old makeup we still hang on to (and use sometimes) and this gave us an idea. We should do a post on minimal makeup routine for moms. Nothing that takes 45 minutes—who has time for that? Five minutes from start to finish.

Lindsey Regan Thorne minimal makeup routine for moms

We reached out to local beauty expert Lindsey Regan Thorne who is the mastermind behind Be Pretty. Guys, we were so happy with the results. I was nervous at first because I literally had on makeup from circa 2005 when she came to my door, but Lindsey is the best. She picked out flattering, modern products that take almost zero time to apply and are really easy to use. Nothing was too intimidating and I cannot recommend her or these products enough. Below are all the products that I loved from our makeup session. Be sure to check out Maggie’s post too for different variations of the products and her favorites as well.

Minimal Makeup Routine

minimal makeup routine for moms

Face Primer:
I have never used a face primer in my life, but you guys, this stuff is magical. It gives a dewy look without looking greasy at all. I love this stuff and have already started using this. Maggie and I are now believers.

minimal makeup routine for moms

Under Eye Primer:
True story, I already had this product and was kind of proud of myself for having something in my arsenal post 2010. However, Lindsey ever-so-kindly pointed out that I wasn’t using enough product. You need to really apply a good amount to the under eye to help with the puffiness. Since she showed me how to put it on, I have seen a difference. It also really helps keep under eye concealer in one spot. This is an everyday product for me.

minimal makeup routine for moms

Like I said above, I never use foundation. I feel like it makes you look older and gives you a caked-on face. Not this stuff. It feels super lightweight and again, it’s really easy to use. I will likely use this if I go out and not everyday, but I had to list it here because it’s such an amazing product. If you need a foundation upgrade, check this out. For reference, I am wearing shade 6.5.

This might be my favorite product. Concealer is an every day product for me. The under eye is a trouble spot for me thanks to my kids. I thought I had the best concealer already, however it turns out I did not. This stuff is like liquid concrete, but feels like air. I use this every single day. For reference, I am wearing shade 5.

minimal makeup routine for moms

Loose Powder:
I have been using pressed translucent powder for as long as I can remember and avoiding loose powder. I was reluctant to try this, but I love it. Apparently pressed powder is more likely to settle into wrinkles and other not-so-cute spots on the face, so clearly I will be using this from now on. It feels super light too which is a must for me. I am wearing color 2 (medium).

minimal makeup routine for moms

Blush and Bronzer:
I love a good blush and wasn’t really sure that I wanted to part with my current Chanel blush, but I really love this product. I’m hit or miss on bronzer as I have an olive skin tone, but this bronzer is solid. I am wearing the blush in love glow and the bronzer in fair/medium shade.

I have tried a lot of mascaras and always come back to this one. I was using one from Chanel but it was smudging all the time. I curl my lashes one time and then use this mascara.

Bonus Beauty Products:

I’m not one to wear lipstick everyday, so I listed this as an extra. This Beauty Counter Lipstick is so good. It never cakes up and is super sheer just as advertised. This is the only lipstick I have worn over the past few months and I’m sticking with it. For reference, I’m wearing orchid.

minimal makeup routine for moms

Cream Eye Shadow:
This eye shadow blew my mind. I always struggle with eye shadow. Where do I put it, how much? I just never got it. This is cream eye shadow and all you have to do is put it on your eye lid. So easy. Another product that I might use more when I go out, but it’s a big upgrade for me and I can’t wait to use it. I am wearing the shadow in Marie Antoinette.

Believe it or not, this whole beauty routine takes me five minutes. You may prefer to add or subtract a few products, but either way it’s a really solid minimal makeup routine. You can easily shop all the products below and please reach out with any questions. Thanks so much to Lindsey for helping two makeup challenged moms bring our makeup routine back into the twenty first century.

Photography by Christina Hussey

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