Jackson Hole Recap

Emily Stevens Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Back in early March, my husband and I ventured out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was partial celebration for his fortieth birthday and part much needed getaway. We were really fortunate that we got this trip in before Covid became what it is now. To say we were blown away by Jackson Hole is an understatement. Its beauty is hard to capture on camera and the wide open space is breathtaking. I’m sharing all our favorite spots to see, shop and eat. It is by no means a travel guide as we’ve only been here once, but these places are a must if you have the chance to visit.

Teton Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

// ski //
The skiing here is no joke. I have skied in Colorado a few times and I have to say the skiing is much harder out in Jackson Hole. I stuck to the blues and only face-planted one time. Unless you are a hard core skier or snowboarder, take your time. Be sure to grab an aprés ski cocktail at the Handle Bar at the Four Seasons. It’s located in Teton Village and just at the base of the Sweetwater gondola. Such a perfect spot to relax for a drink and appetizer.

where to eat in Jackson Hole, Persephone Bakery

// eat //
Let’s get right to the best part—where to eat. There are so many amazing places to eat and we loved every single meal. My favorite spot for lunch, coffee and a pastry was Persephone Bakery (pictured above). This is the cutest french-inspired bakery with unbelievably amazing food. I had the shakshuka and my husband had an omelet. I wish there was a way to have Persephone drone me in food—because I would if I could. Do not get discouraged if there is a line, it’s totally worth it.

Another spot that we loved was Glorietta Trattoria. We ate dinner here the first night and it was fantastic. Not only was our pasta delicious, but the cocktails were the best that we had on our trip. It’s a really warm and cozy place that you should not miss when you travel to Jackson Hole. My other favorite spot was Bin 22. This is a wine bar and specialty grocer with a cute tapas restaurant in the back. We stopped in for lunch and a glass of wine as soon as we got into town. The wine list is killer and the paella was to-die-for. If you’re looking for a more traditional fine dining experience, check out Snake River Grill. It’s been in Jackson Hole for twenty five years and is a local favorite—the food and wine were amazing.

Jackson Hole Wyoming

// see //
On our way into town before we hit Bin 22, we drove into the National Elk Refuge (no cost and really easy to do). This was created way back in 1912 to protect and provide sanctuary for all the elk. At any given time, there are thousands of elk wandering around along with other birds and big game animals. We saw elk from afar, but you can also take a sleigh ride in and see them up close which would be pretty sweet. This was really beautiful and so easy to do.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

At sunset (or anytime), be sure and go to Emily Steven’s Park . We just happened to be driving by on our way to dinner and saw a few people taking photos on a bridge. We pulled right over and saw the sun set right over the Tetons. The view is absolutely amazing (the first photo and the photo above are from Emily Steven’s Park). If you go during the day, there are trails you can walk/hike along—just watch out for bears and other wildlife!

// shop //
I didn’t do much shopping on this trip other than buying a few stuffed animals for our girls and a Persephone mug, but I did pop into Terra. This boutique is beautiful and if you are in the mood to shop, you want to go here. They carry the best brands (Ulla Johnson, Apiece Apart, Monrow etc) and also have a gorgeous beauty boutique in store as well.

Teton Mountain Lodge

// stay //
We stayed at the Teton Mountain Lodge in Teton Village and I would definitely stay here again. The hotel is a very short walk to the lift and the hotel is super convenient for walking to bars, restaurants and shops. We also visited SpaTerre which is the spa located in the hotel. The spa is amazing and it was the perfect spot to unwind post ski day. One of my favorite parts about the hotel was the beautiful lobby (pictured above). There is a roaring fire going at all times with beautiful seating which was perfect for a post dinner cocktail or to curl up and read a book (I took full advantage of this) .

We are looking forward to getting the chance to go back here again—maybe even with our girls when they are older. I’d love to venture out here in the summer as I’ve heard it’s absolutely gorgeous and there are so many outdoor activities. Add Jackson Hole to your places-to-go list and reach out anytime with questions.

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