How to Wear Summer Clothes into Fall {Part 2}

how to wear summer clothes into fall

I’m forging ahead today with my impromptu series on how to wear summer clothes into fall. My last post was centered around keeping your white pants around for fall. Today is all about pairing a great blouse with your favorite denim shorts.

One thing that took me awhile to figure out about living in the south is a thing called fake fall. Fake fall is a few days of sub eighty degree weather that tricks you into thinking that fall has arrived. This is false. In true fashion, the temps shoot back up in a week or two and you will once again be searching for your shorts. I’ve learned to keep my shorts around until October for this exact reason.

emerson fry blouse
how to wear summer clothes into fall

I’m wearing this Emerson Fry blouse with my favorite denim shorts. This look is not only comfortable and takes minutes to throw on, but it’s perfect for those summer to fall transitional days. I love this top because it’s super lightweight and the print is so good. I also love this top and this blouse. On cooler days, all of these would look great with denim or a trouser. So easy.

summer blouse for fall
natalie borton earrings

I almost forgot to mention these awesome earrings. These are Natalie Borton and not only is she a great style follow, but her jewelry is so good. Her pieces are perfect for everyday and look great with just about everything. My exact pair sold out so I recommend signing up for her updates to know when her new pieces are available because they sell out fast. I’ve got one more post coming on how to wear summer clothes into fall so stay tuned. Hint hint, maxi dress time.

Wearing // Emerson Fry blouse (gifted) | AGolde Denim Shorts | Clare V Bag | Janessa Leone Fedora | Natalie Borton Earrings

Photography by Christina Hussey

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