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Minimal Makeup Routine for Moms

I am by no means a minimalist over here. If you have seen the amount of toys that have accumulated throughout my house, you would agree with the above statement. However, I prefer a minimalist approach to getting dressed and…

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How to Transition a Toddler out of a Crib

Today I’m linking up with Katy from Designs by Katy to share my tips on how I transitioned my toddler out of her crib. This post is part of the #MomTalkTuesday Series which happens the fourth Tuesday of every month…

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Life Lately

I forgot how hard it was to actually function on minimal sleep. I tend to have a million things I want to get done in a day and if I’m lucky, I do about four of those things. Anyhow, life…

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What To Pack When Flying With A Toddler

The thought of flying with a toddler is terrifying. The key to being prepared and semi-relaxed is having a carry-on that’s ready for any sort of toddler emergency that you can think of (catastrophic hunger, major blow out, epic melt…

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